According to the survey, India currently ranks second when it comes to students who take a study abroad as their future destination.

Does your Google SERP help to identify the best Study abroad consultants in Bangalore? If you plan to make a decision by yourself then there are a lot to critical steps to be taken like Investigate courses, universities, and their locations. Decision making when it comes to studying abroad is very important as the final destination you plan to fly to crack your course is directly dependent on this result. You can ask your friends and family to get a wider knowledge of the process and the steps to be taken to study abroad. Use Facebook or LinkedIn to reach out to us to help you give a better study abroad consultation.

1. Connect With Your Consultant

We also understand researching can be an exhausting process, but we can help you at any point.  You can visit the ITCS office for a free counseling session and we’ll guide you to your career path. Our experts will work through all the big and small details to ensure the best possible fit between you, your future university, and your area of study.

2.   Make your application

Once you have a shortlisted university list, then its time to apply for the selected course.

We will support your university and course applications. ITCS will contact your chosen university to smoothen out the process and help improve your chances of acceptance. All the processing steps are taken very seriously and follow the strictest legal and ethical standards.

If the selected university requires any English test to qualify for your course, practice hard to get good grades. In a test such as IELTS, it is important to be grammatically sound besides having a wide range of vocabulary. To help you crack the test also, we will play an extended hand role.

If your application is successfully selected, you’ll receive a letter of offer and an acceptance form. Before you accept the offer, go through it carefully with your consultant to check for any conditions that may apply.

There may be a situation when you have selected for more than one universities and in this case, our consultant will help you decide on the best option for you.

3. Student visa

After accepting the letter of offer, the most important task is to apply for your student visa. Since each country has its own set of formalities to fulfill, your IDP consultant will guide you through the visa application process and help prepare the documents needed for your submission.

Here’s a student visa checklist!
Here’s are the top most common documents you would require for your student visa. For a detailed document list as per your chosen country, discuss it with your IDP counselor.

  • Evidence of enrolment in a recognized educational institution
  • Residence permit applications (it varies by the country)
  • Evidence of language certification (if needed)
  • Evidence of parental/guardian consent (if under 18)
  • Evidence of funding (your capacity to cover the cost involved in studying and sustaining abroad)
  • Passport size photographs
  • Copy of the current passport
  • Vaccination results (if required, it varies by the country)

4. Figure out where you’ll live

Unless you have been offered an on-campus accommodation, you’ll have to figure out where to live when studying abroad. You can look for rooms on rent, homestay, or find localhost. The cost will vary from city to city. If you opt to rent an apartment, you will have to additionally pay for utility bills like electricity, internet, water usage, and also tenant’s insurance (in some areas of housing).

5. Ready, set, go

Congratulations – you’re off to a huge adventure. There will be many minutes, yet important to-do things you need to consider before flying overseas for which we will guide your way. This will include matters such as exchanging money, insurance, accommodation, SIM cards, opening a bank account, country rules, and adapting to the new culture. We also host regular pre-departure sessions throughout the year to help prepare you for student life in your new country.

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