Pursuing higher studies abroad has become a predominant choice for students now with the improvisation in the standards of a global trend that provides ample educational opportunities. A good number of countries and the reputed universities and top-ranking colleges are open and welcoming students across the world with the best quality education and facilities attract students to study abroad. Though you are surrounded by a wide range of university options are many, choosing a college becomes a challenging decision. The one solution that helps students choose the right university is to verify and check the institute ranking before enrolls in a foreign college or university.

It is found that some students feel considering university ranking helps them make the decision of selecting a particular college more easily but there is some minority set of students who estimates that feel rankings are not the best way to choose a college as different evaluating organizations use different methodologies for providing the ranking to the institutions.

According to the survey by National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), apart from considering the university ranking, there are some other factors which you need to consider before selecting the right college or the university they are;

•          Admission Procedure for top-ranking colleges/university

•          Educational Cost

•          Institution review, the strength of students, course review

•          Campus facility and safety for Indian students

When considering the ranking you have to check the two levels of ranking as there are two types of rankings provided to institutions: One is college-based ranking and the other is course-based ranking. The ranking methodology that decides the ranking of college or university is based on the below factors.

Easy and Simple Application Process:

Universities can improve their selectivity by making the application process simpler and easier for students or they can upgrade their technology by which the number of applicants increases.

Having access to higher education is one of the key factors in the recent times and countries wish to promote their universities/colleges for them. The students’ acceptance rate for admission in comparison to the total number of applicants is the selectivity factors taken into account for ranking institutions.

Educational Quality and Facilities

This is the foremost and essential factor to be taken into account while deciding to enroll in a good college abroad. Students’ convenience and satisfaction with their faculty and teaching method are critically important while assessing institutions. Student-faculty ratio or the work prominence of professors, the highest degree they hold in their domain and their remuneration is to be considered while deciding the reputation of the institution. The ranking bodies consider teaching methodologies, institution’s subject, or course mix for measuring academic success. Some organizations even consider the doctoral awards gained by institutes for ranking, however, this is not an optimal criterion. A university’s infrastructure, resources, and the utilization of them come into true picture while it’s assessed for ranking.

Graduates Performance

The academic excellence of an institute is measured with the performance of the passed out graduates in a particular college or university. The ranking is decided based on the actual graduation rate rather than the predicted graduation rate.

Economic Background

Assessing the economic strength of a college or university is another important factor in ranking educational institutions. To analyze the higher education scenario in a country, spending in the education sector is taken into account. Schools or colleges with a higher financial budget are generally rated higher than the institutions with less financial sources. Though funds don’t directly influence the learning of students, it’s how the institute utilizes the financial resource matters the most by which the students are largely benefitted.

Scope of Research

The universities’ role in spreading knowledge and ideas is used to assess the research excellence of it. The ranking bodies consider this by measuring the number of papers published in the journals. The influence of the research work adds to the college’s reputation and the research work’s citation is included in the ranking analysis.

Global Outreach

The ability of a college/university to attract international students and faculty is a key indicator of its presence on the world platform. Besides this, the university’s industrial collaboration and international associations are accounted for its position on the top rank.

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