Germany is known the world over for Innovation and excellent quality. Studying in Germany is a dream come true, a lifetime opportunity for many students. German colleges are ranked the world’s best and their quality of education is above the global education standard. Be it in the field of Medicine, Engineering, Architecture, Pure Science, Business, Arts & Culture, you will find some of the world’s best universities here. In addition to the high quality of education, good quality of life, and an excellent culture makes many youngsters from the world over to head to Germany for education. 

  • But as many students claim, is an education in German colleges free? 
  • Since the standard of education is above par and the best in the world, is it very expensive?

Though Germany has the best of both, education and quality, the cost of studying here is affordable. But education is not completely free like everyone believes. The German government in the year 2014 approved to abolish international fees in all public colleges. Although some German states re-introduced the fees, the cost of studying is still lower in Germany than in any other country.

A student has to pay semester contribution which includes a small fee covering public transport and administrative expenses, this may vary with different universities but is usually between 150-250 Euros. Now that we know we need to pay a small fee we shall also look into who are eligible to study in Germany.

Germans, Europeans, non-Europeans are eligible to study in Germany without paying tuition fees, this applies to almost all the programs at public universities. The only thing a non-European has to consider is to get a residence permit before arriving and will have to complete education in Germany.

There is a wide range of public universities and various combinations of study programs a student gets to choose from in Germany. Germans believe, that free access to higher education ensures economic growth and benefits of immigration by not making education a commercial product. They want to get the smartest minds to study in Germany and ideally stay and work after graduation, so tuition fees for foreigners are exempted as well.

Some of the key benefits of study from Germany would be:

  • Excellent standard of education taught by some of the world-renowned professors.
  • Very low tuition fees in most of the public universities.
  • A wide basket of courses to choose from in the area of Medical, Engineering, Architecture, Cultural Arts, etc.
  • English is widely used in Germany so no fear of getting lost, additionally you could pick up a new language as most of the universities provide courses in the German Language.
  • A rich cultural diversity in Germany is also an attractive feature.
  • The cost of living is moderate and one can live a satisfactory life with around 750 Euros.
  • Job opportunities are in plenty across Europe after graduating from Germany.

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