An invented story, an idea, unproved collective belief that justifies a social institution, fear, or unawareness states a Myth, fear stems from unawareness and Myth stems from fear. People having myths about being a doctor is not new in our society, studying medicine itself is a very big myth and if studying MBBS abroad has to be considered with the current challenges then various kinds of myths have to be harbored.

Earlier it was believed a person has to be exceptionally brilliant or gifted in some way to become a doctor if there was a family of doctors then it was very sure there was a prodigy child and another doctor in the making. The fact is it does take optimum efforts to become a successful doctor, one has to work discreetly in addition to fulfilling the required criteria. One needs to focus his/her attention on the norms, root cause of a disease, etymology, and pathogenesis.

Currently, with COVID pandemic striking the world all the doctors across the globe everyone in the medical field, scientists, and the research team are held and looked upon with great respect. It’s a Nobel field of service.

Studying medicine abroad is considered to be a great honor. When asked about this idea the Medical Council of India (MCI) may not agree but again there are dozens of other myths that hasten to secure the rights of a student’s future.

Studying medicine abroad may differ from country to country and also different institutes. Medicine abroad is an innovative experience for Asians and each institute strive hard to maintain their reputation, academics, discipline, and standards for the future of their alumni.

Let’s look into a few myths and bring awareness for students and parents and ease their minds about studying Medicine abroad in general.

It is not credible by MCI to study medicine abroad

The medical council of India (MCI) holds MBBS done abroad as credible as MBBS done in India. MCI maintains a list of Institutes accredited by it. Students and parents should check the list before pursuing MBBS abroad and also receive maximum benefits once it is done and they clear the MCI exams.

Students tend to have fun and do not concentrate on studies

It is every parent’s concern that when their child goes abroad to study MBBS, they tend to waver and start having fun living a cool life and not taking their education seriously, it is true that students tend to relax a bit more and enjoy, but there are various norms and stringent measures which are taken by the institutes towards attendance, compulsory practical classes. Many dorms rules and discipline which a student has to follow and maintain, is mentioned during the time of admission.

Studying MBBS abroad has an exorbitant fee and very expensive

Educational expenses tend to be different from country to country and universities, it is expensive but it is unwise, to sum up as to every place is expensive. There are many institutions offering scholarships, student loans, and many institutes maintain economized rates in their agenda for international students. Universities tend to give scholarships based on merit and financial needs too.

The student has to be exceptionally brilliant to study Medicine abroad

One need not be a genius to study medicine abroad, MBBS requires complete devotion of time and energy, planning and completing tasks given at the required time. Many universities have adopted modern syllabus to stay at par with current or probable breakthroughs. If a student studies each step and implements the same it is more than enough to complete the program.

Food and cuisine may be a major concern

Universities abroad have various food and cuisines. Taking into consideration international food the continental, Asian, Indian, and western. Most of the campuses are equipped and accommodate the needs of international students.

Safety of students studying abroad

Campuses and institutes all over the world have taken extreme care and precaution about their safety and measures are taken to install cameras and medical facilities at hostels and campuses throughout the tenure of a student’s stay. Hope our article helps you for planning study MBBS abroad

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