As we all know as a known fact that, MBBS is an immensely valued degree or a course across the globe. Moreover, it is totally worth to study MBBS in abroad countries that have a good number of MCI approved medical universities or schools with affordable fee structure & without any donation for MBBS admission in different countries.

Taking an average count of Indian numbers, there has been a drastic increase in the number of students who opt for MBBS abroad in different countries. One of the main reasons for this increase in the count is nothing but affordable educational and living costs along with a wide range of career options is top universities.

Comparing to any other study abroad courses, Study MBBS abroad is all becoming a priority for every medical student, especially from Indians. So, are you a student looking for the best MBBS Abroad career, then you are the right place. ITCS, International Training and Consulting services one of the leading MBBS abroad Consultants in Bangalore is here to guide you.

From the last few years, many Indian students are studying in top countries like China, Russia, Ukraine, USA, Belarus, and many more. These countries include a good number of universities and schools that accept Indian students as per the standard rules and regulations based on each country and its corresponding universities.

Before selecting your destination country and university there are a lot of factors that needs be taken care;

•          Calculate and Fix your total budget to study MBBS in abroad.

•          Number of Indian students studying in that country

•          Climate and your feasibility for that particular weather condition.

•          Local Language and its mandatory requirements.

•          Safety aspects for Indian students.

•          Population in the city for higher patient flow.

•          Cost of living in the selected country.

•          Availability of food and easy access to necessary items.

•          Career Growth and scope of higher studies after your degree.

Apart from this there are a lot of others and are you the one interested to know more, then connect with our expert consultants who can help you give the necessary guidance to choose your dream destination for MBBS abroad.

The main top countries where you can opt for MBBS courses are;

MBBS in China:

The cost of MBBS in China is cost-effective as compared to private medical institutions in India. There are about 50+ medical universities in China that are recognized by the MCI in India. Since China has the fastest growing economy in the whole world, it is easy for the students to get employed in China itself. It is an additional career option available for Indian students to pursue a career in the medical field in China itself. To know more about the MBBS in China, its course, and the fee structure, you can always connect with ITCS for a detailed understanding of MBBS In China. Top Universities in China are;

1.        China Three Gorges Medical University

2.        Wenzhou Medical University

3.        Beihua Medical University

4.        Guangzhou Medical University

5.        Jilin Medical University

6.        North Sichuan Medical University

7.        Kunming Medical University

MBBS in Ukraine:

Nowadays, Ukraine is becoming a hub for Indian medical aspirants, as it provides them with a lot of advantages, which they are getting at their respective nations. MBBS from Ukraine can enrich them with qualified skills leading to a great career. Some of those advantages are- Quality education at an affordable cost, unique syllabus, suitable student-teacher ratio, no additional entrance tests, safe environment of studying & living, encouragement for the holistic development, globally recognized degrees, and a lot more. Top universities in Ukraine are;

1.        V N Karazin Medical University

2.        Black Sea National Medical University

3.        Taras Shevchenko National University

4.        Sumy State Medical University

5.        Bogomolets National Medical University

6.        Lviv National Medical University

7.        Zaphrozhye State Medical University

MBBS in Germany:

Study MBBS in Germany is now becoming popular these days in an Indian student’s mind. The world-class education quality and implementation of the latest technology make this country popular for the MBBS course. MBBS universities are equipped with the high-end technology-based medical equipments that helps students to enhance their educational skills. The admission process in this country is comparatively easy and education and living cost are also comparatively low. The top universities in Germany are;

1.        Heidelberg University

2.        Philipps University

3.        Humboldt University

MBBS in Russia:

Russian medical Universities have gained global recognition and have topped UNESCO and WHO ratings. Russia is now using English as a medium of instruction, which has made the country a popular destination for higher education among Indian students. The main reason that takes Russia in the list of top countries for MBBS Abroad is because of the low cost of living and fees to “study medicine in Russia”.

The main top universities in Russia are;

  1. Crimea Federal University
  2. Mari State University
  3. Kuban State Medical University
  4. Kazan Federal Medical University
  5. Smolensk State Medical University
  6. Tver State Medical University
  7. Orenburg Medical College

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