India has many universities and several courses to offer. For many of the courses especially in the Engineering field students from Asian and Middle-east countries come to India for studying. However, when it comes to the field of Medicine, we find the reverse, i.e. many students prefer to study MBBS in Russia or other East European countries. One of the key reasons for this is the high cost of admission for MBBS in India, especially in private colleges. The fee structure is very high and many of the institutions also charge a hefty admission fee (Donation). Compared to this the Medical education in Russia is fairly affordable which attracts many students from India to move to Russia for medical education.

Russia has over 741 universities and offers more than 400 courses for students across various disciplines. In the field of medical education, Russian universities are on par with any other universities in the world and have all the resources and expert faculty to teach the latest advances in medical science.

UNESCO, WHO, and MCI have recognized over 15 universities in Russia and their degrees are comparable to the medical degrees of the other universities in India. Another added benefit is that the CBSE & ISCE board of Indian education is recognized by the Russian universities, thereby facilitating the admission for Indian students into Russian medical colleges without much difficulty. Unlike many of the Australian or US/UK universities, Russian universities do not insist on the candidate clearing TOFEL / IELTS which many Indians find difficult, this is another benefit for the Indian students.

The Fees for medical education in Russia are almost similar to that of the Indian government medical colleges. Also, the Russian universities offer scholarship tests, and students clearing the test get subsidy in fees. Further, many of the Russian universities are well known in India and if a student has difficulty in funding himself, then he can avail of loans from banks in India.

All this is good, but the key question is where does a student go if he requires information or assistance in getting admission to the Russian universities. Of course, he can go through the website of the respective universities, but, as he does not has any direct contact with these universities, he is not sure as to how to move forward. This is where companies like ITCS who are one of the leading study abroad consultants in Bangalore comes into the picture. Having worked directly with select universities in Russia, ITCS has direct contacts with the staff of the universities and they know the correct procedure and the documentation required for applying to these Russian medical colleges. With the experience of having guided students in obtaining admission to study MBBS in Russia, ITCS is in a position to enable your dream to become a doctor come true.

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