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About Us

Who We Are?

We are an International Education Company offering international admission services for students aspiring to study in United States, Germany, Ukraine, Russia, China, Australia, New Zealand and many other countries. Our  International training and consulting services have been established with a mission to cater to the aspirations of the young generation. 

Global presence with world-class training infrastructure enabling professionals to address global employment opportunities. The organization is working with many global powers in the realm of telecommunication and networking.

Our classroom-based academic study and training programs for undergraduates and certificate program for graduates and professionals are provided to build  effective leaders, professionals, and citizens who can adapt to intercultural employment opportunities. With this,  ITCS fosters a worldwide network of individuals and organizations committed to responsible global citizenship.

ITCS also permits students from outside India to participate in full time supervised research and work-based training and learning experience. The certificate programs are structured and guided work-based training program that pertains directly to your study and employment requirements at your home institutions and companies, provides on the job exposure to world-class techniques and methodologies outside the classroom and enhances your  knowledge of global culture and society

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Admission Guidance for International Institutions and Universities.

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Career Counselling based on your specific goal for studying abroad.

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We find the best possible Scholarship and Aid for the program of your choice.

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We assist you in securing a Visa after admissions.

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We assist you in your accommodation and travel abroad.

Why to select ITCS for your career counselor?

We work very closely with you through the admission process. Helping you with information and guiding you in the right direction.

  1. ITCS is your ultimate guide for education overseas. Our only aim is to assist our students to conveniently accomplish their goal of the study abroad.
  2. ITCS is a one-stop solution to all your international study needs and our only aim is to help you in the best possible way to achieve your dreams.
  3. Representatives of universities in the USA, Germany, Ukraine, Russia, China, Kyrgyzstan, Philippines, Belarus, and all over Europe.
  4. Choice of universities or collages with lower tuition fees and hassle-free admission to colleges or universities.
  5. Academic pathway planning (interest, career, and aptitude testing)
  6. Directors with substantial experience and background in the field of education.
  7. A competent team of experienced counselors assisting students in the process of application to the representative university and their visas.
  8. Experienced and certified faculty members, ensuring the right input imparted to the students.
  9. Focus on matching the profiles of students with the right institution and destination.
  10. Hosting direct interviews from university representatives.
  11. ITCS prides itself in its personalized attention to students and consciously seeks to avoid and assembly-line approach to counseling students
  12. Exhaustive information library CDs, brochures, video taps, application forms for the different universities of the world

Why To Study MBBS/MD course in ABroad?

We work very closely with your throughout the admission process, helping you with the information and guiding you into the right direction.

  1. Degree accepted globally after completion graduation or masters
  2. MCI(Medical Council) recoganized
  3. Affordable tution fees and low cost of living
  4. Peaceful and beautiful environment
  5. Advanced infrastructures with latest equipments and tool
  6. ENglish medium teching
  7. Recoganized in the World Health Organziation(WHO) and UNESCO “Directory of World Medical School”
  8. No Donation, No Entrance, NO IELTS, or TOFEl or GRE, Direct Admission
  9. Students can do 4 years of MBBS in Abroad and 1 year of intersnhip in India
  10. Friendly Staff or professor to support in each step of education curriculum
  11. Indian meal facilicty with world class comfort living.
  12. International Exposure
  13. Easy to get visa for education
  14. No embassy Interview for Visa
  15. Atleast 60% cost saving as compared to India , privated of deened medical collage. MBBS degree program+hostel fee(cost effective education)

Looking To Study

uReach offers international students a pathway to study in leading universities. But it’s more than a pathway.
We go beyond other foundation programmes – helping you to grow as a person and as a thinker,
providing an experience that will stay with you for life.

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MBBS Abroad Countries Associated with ITCS

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Expert analysis, strategy planning, risk management

Our Vision

To provide well trained quality resources to the clients which in turn improves their resource and delivery standard within the stipulated budget.

Our Mission

To provide seamless end-to-end solutions through superior services through innovative processes and continuous improvement at par with latest technologies.

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