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Who We Are?

We are an International Education Company offering international admission services for students aspiring to study in United States, Germany, Ukraine, Russia, China, Australia, New Zealand and many other countries. Our  International training and consulting services have been established with a mission to cater to the aspirations of the young generation. 

Global presence with world-class training infrastructure enabling professionals to address global employment opportunities. The organization is working with many global powers in the realm of telecommunication and networking.

Our classroom-based academic study and training programs for undergraduates and certificate program for graduates and professionals are provided to build  effective leaders, professionals, and citizens who can adapt to intercultural employment opportunities. With this,  ITCS fosters a worldwide network of individuals and organizations committed to responsible global citizenship.

ITCS also permits students from outside India to participate in full time supervised research and work-based training and learning experience. The certificate programs are structured and guided work-based training program that pertains directly to your study and employment requirements at your home institutions and companies, provides on the job exposure to world-class techniques and methodologies outside the classroom and enhances your  knowledge of global culture and society

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Admission Guidance for International Institutions and Universities.

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Career Counselling based on your specific goal for studying abroad.

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We find the best possible Scholarship and Aid for the program of your choice.

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