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Belarus is a non-coastal country located in the Eastern Europe. The country is famous for the massive fortifications, Stalinist architecture, and primitive forests. It is considered one of the countries that carries the richness and traces of the history.

Belarus silently gained great importance and preference among the students who wish to Study MBBS Abroad. Choosing Belarus for the higher education remains the best choice for the students.

Belarus universities have worldwide recognition. It gives a solid hold in your academic career. Needless to say, these attributes apply to studying MBBS in Belarus.

MBBS offered by the Universities in Belarus is internationally recognized. After completion of course students are eligible to appear in the various screening tests. In India, students must appear in the screening test conducted by the Medical Council of India. Similarly, it also applies to appearing in screening tests like USMLE, SCHS, PLAB etc.

While English is the language of teaching and communication inside the campus, Belarusian is the local and official language of the country. Students may find it difficult to communicate outside the campus. Knowledge of Russian or Belarusian helps the students for better communication.


MBBS Course details in Belarus

MBBS in Belarus is taught as a general medicine course. Students with proficiency in English do not find any difficulty in learning.

MBBS in Belarus is offered in two languages, Russian and English. All students have the option to choose the medium of instruction to study MBBS. It is not mandatory to study Russian.

The course duration is 6 years. Training for one year as an intern is mandatory for all international students after completion of the course.

Quick Facts about MBBS in Belarus

  • Globally approved medical universities
  • High quality education, on par with the global standards
  • Very cheap cost of education and low cost living
  • English is the major language and all courses are taught in English
  • WHO and MCI approved medical universities and colleges
  • No requirement of any entrance exams to join MBBS
  • No requirement of TOEFL or IELTS to join MBBS in the country
  • MBBS degree in Belarus is internationally eligible
  • Simple, straight forward, and easy admission process
  • Affordable tuition fee and living cost
  • Colleges, labs, and training hospitals equipped with state of the art facilities
  • Friendly, safe and secured environment for international students
  • The country’s climate is cold during most of the year, which makes a pleasant climate
  • Comparing with the cost of the European lifestyle, Belarus is quite affordable

List of Medical Universities in Belarus

  • More than 3000 students from India study MBBS in Belarus. There are many recognized and approved universities to choose. The list of medical universities in Belarus includes the following:

    1. Gomel State Medical University
    2. Vitebsk State Medical University
    3. Belarusian State Medical University
    4. Grodno State Medical University

    It is easy to get admission in the Gomel state medical university and Vitebsk state medical university.

MBBS in Belarus Fee Structure

MBBS in Belarus fee structure is very simple, affordable for students from all countries. The average cost of studying MBBS in Belarus range from 4 lakhs to 6 lakhs per year.

Name of University Annual MBBS Fees.  *Tuition fees only (Appx.)
 Vitebsk State Medical University4.30 Lakhs per year
Grodno State Medical University3.50 Lakhs per year
 Gomel State Medical University4.35 Lakhs per year
Belarusian State Medical University4 Lakhs per year

PG after MBBS in Belarus

After completion of MBBS in Belarus, Indian and international students can join PG or start practicing as a doctor. As the certification and qualification is valid all over Europe and many countries, students can become a doctor and settle abroad too.

One of the add-ons of studying MBBS in Belarus is, you can easily join PG in any country. PG after MBBS in Belarus is made easy. Most of the students can easily crack the screening tests in respective countries to practice medicine or join PG. Qualified MBBS graduates are high in demand and are highly paid.