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MBBS in China

We understand the pain that every medical aspirant undergoes to get MBBS admission. MBBS in China and other countries has become an easier option than getting admission in Indian Medical Colleges. The common medical entrance exams recently announced by the Indian Medical Council and the Government made it difficult for the students to secure admission in MBBS.
An average of 3% to 5% students gets admission in the government medical colleges through the common medical entrance exams. The remaining percentage of students looks for admission in private medical colleges or seeks for MBBS in abroad destinations. Those who can afford the high MBBS fee charged by the private medical institutions join MBBS in India. Others, who cannot afford the exorbitant fee, resort to other countries like MBBS in China, Russia or Ukraine.

Study MBBS in China 

China is considered to be the oldest and the most respected medical education country in the world. Student s who are planning to go abroad for higher studies mainly for MBBS, china is the best destination.  China is covered with a good number of reputed universities that offer good quality of education at a low educational cost.  In the last years around 10,000+ Indian students have taken admission for MBBS. The government also provides special care and consideration for International students who practice medical course in China. So, if you are a student planning to go for MBBS in Abroad, then we recommend China as the best study destination.

MBBS in china for Indian students 2020

Indian students who wish to start their career in MBBS in China can start with the application for the year 2020. Students who passed the NEET exam and satisfies the minimum eligibility criteria set by the Chinese universities. The course duration is 5 to 6 years included with a one-year internship. The course fee for a year comes around 2.5lakh to 7 lakh which is very low compared to the Indian MBBS colleges. To apply for MBBS in China, you should satisfy the below criteria;

  1. NEET Qualified

  2. 50% marks in PCB in 12th

An important factor that attracts Indian students to choose China as the study destination is nothing but the scholarship they provide. 


  • MBBS in China Indian student’s eligibility is minimum qualifying marks, which easily gets admission.
  • No entrance test or other qualifying examination to select the candidates.
  • The fee charged by the universities/colleges is low and very much affordable.
  • Fee starts from 2.5 lacs in most of the China Medical Universities.
  • There are plenty of MCI approved universities students can choose to study MBBS in China.
  • MBBS in China reviews shows 95 % positive aspect, which makes China the most preferred destination to study the medical programs.
  • Studying MBBS in China is very easy, the process is quite simple and systematic.
  • MBBS from China University has global acceptance.
  • MBBS in China is taught in English. It is the medium of instruction.
  • After completion of course, students can pass the MCI screening test and start practicing in India without any hassles.
  • Many Government Universities in China promote international education to enhance the
  • Spacious classrooms, well-equipped labs, library, are built with state of the art facilities to enable healthy study environment to the students.
  • Secured hostel facilities with the comfy environment are provided to the students. Most of the universities provide separate hostel facilities with the best infrastructure for the international students.
  • ITCS also provides North and South Indian Food at Russia
  • ITCS support for Educational Loans

China MCI Approved Universities – 2016 to 2020 (Consulting fees starting from 25 Thousand)

CollegeEligibility(NEET Qualified)Five Years Total Cost
Beihua Medical UniversityPCB-50%15.64 Lakhs
China Three Gorges Medical UniversityPCB-60%15.75 Lakhs
Wenzhou Medical UniversityPCB-60%18.10 Lakhs
Anhui Medical UniversityPCB-60%18.10 Lakhs
Guangzhou Medical UniversityPCB-60%19.10 Lakhs
Jilin Medical UniversityPCB-50%19.20 Lakhs
North Sichuan Medical UniversityPCB-60%19.60 Lakhs
Xiamen UniversityPCB-60%20.30 Lakhs
Southeast Medical UniversityPCB-60%20.50 Lakhs
Qingdao UniversityPCB-60%20.50 Lakhs
Kunming Medical UniversityPCB-60%21.10 Lakhs
Zhengzhou UniversityPCB-60%21.20 Lakhs
Nanjing Medical UniversityPCB-60%21.35 Lakhs
Sichuan UniversityPCB-60%23.10 Lakhs
Wuhan UniversityPCB-60%24.70 Lakhs
Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST)PCB-60%24.85 Lakhs
China Medical UniversityPCB-60%24.90 Lakhs
Xian’Jiaotong UniversityPCB-60%25.45 Lakhs
Shandong UniversityPCB-60%27.12 Lakhs
Tongji UniversityPCB-60%27.20 Lakhs



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