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Q. Is NEET Qualification compulsory to take admission abroad?

A. As per the NMC (National Medical Commission) “Yes” NEET is Compulsory for taking admission for MBBS Abroad.

Q. What is the age criteria for admission?

A. Normally student should be 18+ and above but if student is a minor he/she needs to get a letter from the parents/guardian regarding there is no problem in sending the student abroad.

Q.What is the medium of instruction?

A. The medium of instruction is purely English.

Q. What is the duration of MBBS Course?

It differs from country to country. Somewhere it is 6 years and some places its 5.

Q. How can I get a student educational loan?

A. This entirely depends on the student’s family background. They need to visit their nearest bank to check their eligibility for getting education loan.

Q. When do the classes start?

A. The classes officially start in the month of September but it depends on university to university

Q. Does student have to apply for Visa interview for getting Visa?

A. Yes for Countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand Interview is needed, apart from that no need of appearing for any interview process as this process is completely facilitated by ITCS Officials

Q. How is the university fee paid?

A. The university fees can be paid in two ways. First after arriving at particular country the student is supposed to carry USD (US Dollars) and pay it to the university or also pay to the university’s bank account directly via TT (Tele Transfer)

Q. When do the students get vacations for returning home?

A. Vacations are granted twice a year in all universities i.e. January winter vacations (Approx. 15 Days) & July-August Summer Vacations (Approx. 2 months). Students return to their homes during summer vacations generally.

Q. Can students earn or do any part time job while studying?

A. No Students are sent on “Student Visa” which does not allow and its illegal too.

Q. Whom to contact if student faces any problem while staying there?

A. The universities have a separate “International Students Department” to foreign students in all ways. Additionally, ITCS officials are always present to help out students in such cases

Q. What if student falls ill?

A. All students are given “Medical Insurance” every year which covers all expenses if they fall ill and is renewed every year

Q. What are the monthly expenses?

A. The average monthly expenses that students spend is USD 80 – USD 100. But this figure completely depends upon students’ personal lifestyle.

Q. Can I practice in my country after course completion?

A. Yes, after clearing “MCI Screening Test” students can practice as regular MBBS doctors

Q. What do I do not clear “MCI Screening Test/NEXT” in 1st attempt?

A. “MCI Screening test/NEXT” is conducted twice each year i.e. March & September and it gives unlimited attempts to all students for appearing till they clear it.