Study Abroad - Expectation vs reality

Ever dreamt of studying abroad?  Without a doubt choosing the right university, and degree is one of the most crucial moments in an aspirant’s life, with a set of expectations about the new journey. The truth of overseas education is totally different from what you envision. Studying abroad is one of the multitudes of trends when it comes to education. 

Before you get disappointed when your expectations aren’t met, we have listed some of the common misconceptions that plenty of students face with the concept of studying abroad and the actual reality about it.

Expectation: Exploring new places:

You will be exploring new places but not in a way you have imagined. Most of the days you will be busy with the academic schedule. Your weekends will be relatively free but you’ll be busy socially within your town or city, rather than making cross-country trips.

Expectation: Learning a new language:

Learning a new language and developing an excellent level of fluency is difficult but you will start slowly as it will take a lot of time. One of the disadvantages is that language barriers will slow down the adjustment process. The key point to master a foreign language is by interacting with local people, meeting people in the outskirts, and living with a host family. This way, you will end up developing a better grip on the language.

Expectation: Making new friends:

Making new friends can be easier if there is the absence of language and custom barriers, but as an international student, it will be difficult. Being social can be challenging for any student abroad, you will be able to make lots of friends over time as you attend social gatherings or society gatherings. 

Expectation: Getting the paperwork done will be difficult:

Many students believe that applying overseas can be tough, as this applies to all the paperwork and documentation. But nowadays it is easier for the students with the help of overseas education consultants that have adequate knowledge and experience in guiding students to apply to universities abroad. They also assist students with paperwork. Hence you can easily complete the paperwork under their guidance.

Expectation: Discover yourself:

You will get to know a lot about yourself instead of what you expected to learn. Over a period of time, you will realize that maybe you’re not an antisocial person after meeting various people. 

The most important thing is that you will be able to get out of your comfort zone and spending time alone will help you get to know the deeper aspects of yourself. You’ll slowly realize what your interests are and what you can offer to the world and yourself.

The number of international students is increasing day by day, and the economic benefits of export education are considerable. Although many aspirants begin with high hopes for an exclusively positive or life-changing experience, the reality strikes them hard and they often fail to meet these expectations. Achieve a better study abroad experience by maintaining a positive attitude towards your goal and career.  Learn about the best countries to study abroad in 2021.

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